After meeting his fans in a one month tour across Europe before heading to Latin America, Kim Woojin spoke to Inma Exma about his experience during his first world tour; how he feels about finally being able to meet his fans after waiting for a long time, what dreams and goals he would like to achieve, what he does before going on stage, and more! He also spoke in Spanish for his Spanish CUBS and left a heartwarming message for them! All without forgetting about his CUBS all around the world for whom he also left a heartfelt message too.

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P.S: Watch the interview video above to hear Woojin talking in Spanish and his beautiful message for CUBS.



How are you? How are you feeling about your first world tour and everything you are experiencing?

Woojin: "First of all, I'm really happy. I have waited a lot for this tour because of the pandemic, my fans have also waited, we all have waited a long time. And now with this tour I'm really happy."

This tour is called Still Dream as your song, so I was wondering what are you dreaming about lately? What would you like to achieve next in your career?

Woojin: "Firstly, my dream started when I decided that I wanted to be a singer because I love music. What I am dreaming about now is to be able to create positive thoughts in my fans and the people around me, that's what I want to achieve."

With which one of your songs do you identify yourself the most with?

Woojin: "The song I identify myself the most with is Still Dream. It's a song everyone can relate to. However, in my case, it's a song that I specially identify myself a lot with. To sum it up, the message is that we all go through difficult situations, we have to overcome obstacles and run towards our dreams, that is the message behind the song.

What do you love and enjoy the most about being a singer?

Woojin: "Live concerts is what I enjoy the most. Seeing my fans happy and enjoying my music, that's what I enjoy the most."

Is there something you always do right before you go on stage? For example, something that helps you to calm down if you are feeling nervous?

Woojin: "I don't do or perform a specific action. Instead, what I do is mind control, think and tell myself "don't be nervous". I try not to think things like "I cannot make a mistake, I have to show the best version of myself no matter what" since that puts a lot of pressure on me. Instead, I think "I'm going to enjoy and have a good time".

Can you send a message to all your fans that love you and support you?

Woojin: "Firstly, since I'm in Spain right now, I want to thank Spanish CUBS for waiting and coming to my concerts. Spanish CUBS thank you for waiting such a long time I love you so much! I also want to thank all my CUBS around the world for trusting me and waiting for this tour, that makes me really happy."


I want to express my gratitude to Woojin, Onion Production and 10x Entertainment for making this interview happen despite their busy schedule. A big shoutout to Onion Production's team for being so kind and nice and making me feel so comfortable! You all did an amazing job throughout the entire leg of the Europe tour!

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